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Blackjack IGT

Blackjack is a betting game offered in almost all casinos on the globe, from Las Vegas to London. Blackjack online is also equally popular. The card game is so attractive because it not only depends on chance, but the player has a certain influence on the gameplay and chances of winning higher than other games are higher.

The Blackjack IGT game is played against the dealer with eight 52-card decks that are shuffled together. The primary aim is to beat the dealer, by getting as close to 21 points as possible by adding all the values of the cards received on the hand. However, you must not exceed the amount of 21.

Blackjack IGT: selecting a chip & placing a bet

The player will first have to place a bet by clicking on a chip in the lower left corner of the table. They will then need to add the value of the selected chip to their bet. The value of each chip represents the currency the used by the player. For example, a chip with a value of 0.1, represents 0.1 dollars. Once the bets are placed, the player then gets dealt two cards face up.

Blackjack IGT: gameplay

The Blackjack IGT game begins after the player has placed their bet. The dealer receives two cards, of which one - the second - is dealt face down. The card values ​​are set as follows; an ace counts 1 or 11 points; face cards count 10 points; while all other cards have their face value. The player aims to get as close to 21 points with his cards, but without exceeding this sum. Then the hand is immediately lost to the player.

If the player’s first two cards have the same value, they can divide them into two separate hands by making a second bet equal to the original bet. Then cards are drawn as usual. If the player chooses to ‘’split’’ two aces, they will receive an additional card for each hand. If they split two aces and one of their hands scores 21, this does not count as blackjack but counts "only" as 21 (depending on the rules, a split hand can no longer be split).

Whn the player gets two cards, now the "Double Bet" option becomes is available. The bet is doubled, but the player can only draw one card. The player can also choose to claim the insurance bet. The insurance is a game in blackjack, with which they can protect themselves if they fear that the bank has a blackjack. If the bank's first card is an ace, you can assure yourself that the bank's face-down card is worth ten at the price of half of the initial bet. If the bank has a blackjack, the insurance will be paid 2: 1, which corresponds to the initial bet. However, if the player has bought insurance and the bank has no blackjack, they will lose the insurance. The original bet is valued by comparing the player's hand to the bank. If the player and the bank have a blackjack, the result is a push (tie).

Blackjack IGT: game buttons

The following buttons are available throughout the game:

Deal – Starts the game only after the player places the bet.

Cancel – Cancels the current bet and places a different bet

Hit – Allows the player to receive one more card.

Stand – Reveals the dealer’s hidden card and draws other cards if necessary. When the player is satisfied with their current hand and wants to end the game, they should click this.

Double Bet – The player must click this to double their current bet

Rebet – Places the previous bet of the past game.

Clear All – Removes all bets from the table.

Hit – Allows the player to request another card

Stand – Allows the player to take more cards for the hand

Split – If the first to cards dealt in the hand are the same value, this can be clicked to split the cards into two separate hands

Double Down – Doubles the main bet and draws one more card

Blackjack IGT: payouts

As with other Blackjack variants:

The player wins when:

  • The total value of their cards comes closer to 21 than the value of the bank's cards. They will win an amount that is equal to their bet.

  • If they have a blackjack you win 1.5 times their stake (unless the bank has a blackjack as well).

The player loses when:

  • The sum of their card values ​​is more than 21, they have "overbought" and lose their bet.

  • If the total is the same as the bank (17 or higher), there is no winner and the player’s stake will be reimbursed. A blackjack beats an addition of 21 points.

The following payouts apply:

Blackjack: the player will receive a 3: 2 payout.

Winning Hand: the payout is 1:1