Realistic Games

Reel Gambler

Reel Gambler is an exciting slot game created by Realistic games. If you happen to be a fan of the good old table games and you fancy a mental trip back to decades ago to experience slot machines as they were offered in that era, then Reel Gambler is exactly what you have been looking for. Although the graphics are quite simple, it would really surprise you to experience the multitude of features that the slot machine has to offer. Some have described it as the proverbial sheep in wolf’s skin, but Reel Gambler has come to be a rather nice surprise from the stables of Realistic Games.

It is common knowledge that classic machines have recently taken the iGaming industry by storm but Reel Gambler stands apart from the rest with its inherent unpredictability and its plateful of bonus gameplay as it transports you to the olden days land casinos through simple animations and designs. In fact, Reel Gambler has been described as one of the most unique slot games in the world of gambling and it is all thanks to the different camera angles which affords you the chance to see the cabinet via several different perspectives. It has been likened to playing a real-life table slot but the difference is that you just have to do it virtually. The retro themes are a perfect match for the minimal and cartoonish-styled symbols.

Once you enter the bonus rounds the camera zooms out revealing the full cabinet with every bonus feature occupying the top position.  It is played on a 3-reel-set with a total of five paylines as well as all the interesting symbols like a bunch of grapes, cherries, bars, watermelon, bells, oranges and the logo of the game. All of these work together to create winning combinations as you move into the gameplay. Reel Gambler offers you an unequaled gaming experience in its entire glory from the clunking sounds of the reels to the dazzling flashing lights and also the pitch-perfect signature tune.

Reel Gambler: How to Place a Bet

Get hold of any preferred device – mobile, tablets or even PCs and get the show on the road with a wager range that starts with 20p at the low end. It peaks at £200 which will surely favor all levels of gamers both high and low rollers alike.

Reel Gambler: Gameplay

There are definitely no jokers in this particular deck. This modern-looking arcade-style video game is situated on a traditional 3x3 reel set. It presents the player with an online version of the conventional cabinet-style gameplay common to land-based players all over Europe. In addition to its five traditional paylines, the gaming giants, Realistic Games equipped Reel Gambler with a total of seven interesting features which include repeaters, multipliers as well as the rewarding win series. A breakdown of the special features and their different functions are as follows:

  • Multiplier – This feature offers you a reward with multiplier value as high as 10 times.
  • Full House – This offers you a spin with reels consisting of only a single random symbol.
  • Red Repeater – This picks some cards with prizes awarded on everyone in red color but once you find a card in black color, the game is over.
  • Win Series – This awards you with a random number of winning spins.
  • Spin A Win – This presents you with an interesting reward.
  • Stop a Fruit – A symbol is picked from the reels and a win is awarded the inclusion of that particular symbol.
  • Black to Black – Selects some cards with increasing prize grant with every black one. Once a red one is found, the round is over.

The interesting card-based gambler feature affords you the opportunity to take out all your wins. You can go ahead and save part of the wins or you can decide to put back all your rewards on the line and possibly gamble it up in a bid to get the top reward of 1000 times your bet. All these are dependent on whatever comes out of the cards.

Wild symbols are conspicuously absent from the game but a multicolor bonus symbol comes to your rescue to aid in activating the main bonus round. The Gamble feature is the one that allows you to gamble all wins at stake up 12 times and as it is optional, you might choose to decide against it as the case may be.

Reel Gambler: Game Buttons

Reel Gambler can boast of a few useful game buttons at the controls, notable among them are:

  • Bet Button – This button is equipped with a couple of options up and down; the up button with the plus sign increases your bet while the down button with the minus sign reduces your bet.
  • Spin Button – This button sets the reels spinning manually.
  • Autospin Button – When you don’t feel like hitting on the spin button again and again, go ahead and select the number of rounds you wish to go and hit on this button to get the ball rolling. The spinning wheels will not stop until your preset number is accomplished.
  • Audio Button – This button is needed when you want to make some adjustment to the game sound.

Reel Gambler: Payouts

As expected, the humble cherries occupy the lower end of the value ladder with a payout of two times you bet, you will get three times from the oranges with the grape and bell offering four times and five times in that other. The rewards get higher with the watermelon which rewards you with ten times your bet and 20 times your wager. But the top paying symbol is the logo of Reel Gambler with a massive 200 times your wager. Mid volatility with RTP pegged at 95.4%. The maximum win possible is a whopping 1,000 times your wager.