Hot Shots

Hot Shot, a fun baseball by Games Global has become a fan's favorite because it does not have so many rules when you want to play the game.

A noticeable feature about Hot Shot is that it has a baseball backdrop which makes it attract the attention of players. In fact, some fans have stressed that playing Hot Shot is more exciting than playing baseball itself. And of course, the developer of the game, Games Global dedicated it to the sports of baseball! Hot Shot is quite interesting because it has a high payout rate and of course, players would have fun while playing the game.

You can also test your playing skill in Fun mode, so do not forget to review every title to decide which one you want to play.

Hot Shots: How to place a bet

To place a bet, players must choose a coin option that is between $0.25 and $2. So, your bet can swing between $2.25 and $18 per spin. Also, note that each line accepts a single coin and if you are interested in getting the reels spun automatically, use the expert button in the user interface and choose your desired autoplay. This is why we say it is very easy to play.

Also know that before you play the game, ensure to place your bet the way you prefer. Utilise the + and - buttons that are below the below the coin to make it correspond. You must do this because the game often works with the entire lines functioning. However, you can use the Select Lines option to place your bet your selected line. You can select spin or hit the Bet Max to immediately bet with entire nine lines.

Players simply put down their bet and roll the reels to correspond with the available and enabled pay lines. Interestingly, there are nine pay lines, five reels and 3 rows for players who want to place their bet. So, if three similar items or trophies are on the reels at the same time, you are declared the winner. That is how straightforward it can be! We have already established that Hot Shot has 9 pay lines, 5 reels and 3 rows for players, It, therefore, follows that the number of lines available to each player runs between 1 and 9.

Hot Shot: Gameplay

Hot Shot is not complicated at all. When you are ready to play and place your bet, you are advised to alter the possibilities available below the screen to commence your betting. These possibilities offer any player control over whatever amount they want to place as a bet at every spin. This automatically has an impact on the highest amount you expect to get after the game is concluded.

A possibility is the amount of working pay lines that are available for players which can either increase or decrease your possibility of winning on a particular reel.

It must also be noted that a pay line is a line that swings from left to right and to win, the reel must show that the symbols line up are the same to get a jackpot and win. The rule of thumb for this game is that the lesser the amount of the active lines, the minute the possibility of winning and vice versa.

Also, you must know that the bet on each line can have an impact on the bet placed at every spin. This is usually added with the magnitude of your coin to place a bet and offer players a number to be added by the different symbols that allow players to win.

Hot Shots: Game Buttons

  • Select lines - use to select your amount of pay lines before activating spin to play.
  • Bet max - offers players the possibility to place the highest bet for that specific spin.
  • x5 and x10 automatic play - this can be activated by initially hitting the expert button for those who want to autoplay.

Hot Shots: Payouts

When it comes to payout, Hot Shot has one of the highest turnover rates. It is at 90 % for the different Hot Shot games. The payout for the game include hot ink 97.50%, Big Bad Wolf 97.34%, Thunderstruck II 97.00%, Immortal Romance-96.86% and The Dark Knight Rises- 96.30%.

Players must that that the wins for Hot Shot pay the players from left to right, aside from the Scatter symbols. As the name implies, the Scatter symbols can pay from anywhere and every it is one coin for every Scatter Symbol you play.

So, when selecting a slot to play to win big, you should first review the payout percentage because some lines offer higher winning possibilities when putting side by side with others.