Golden Chip Roulette

Created by Yggdrasil, Golden Chip Roulette is a digital Roulette slot game. The game benefits from an inner wheel that generates a random multiplier up to 500x, which provides something a little different to your typical Roulette simulator.

After releasing three Blackjack RNG games, Yggdrasil has launched their first Roulette slot with this title. As you'd expect from a Yggdrasil slot, Golden Chip Roulette comes with an innovative twist. The game offers an exciting gaming experience thanks to the bonus features and gameplay. If you want to know more about the game and its features, sit back and enjoy our Golden Chip Roulette slot review.

Theme and Appearance

Golden Chip Roulette brings the traditional fun of Roulette to your desktop or smartphone, with elegant graphics and a classy lounge-style soundtrack. Instead of going overboard on 3D graphics, Yggdrasil has opted for a classy, minimalist style. Backed by a smooth jazz soundtrack, the game has the feeling of a luxury gaming lounge. When launching the game, you're greeted by a female voice asking you to place your bet. You can then choose your coin value from the bottom of the screen and use the table to place your bet.  If you want to clear the table, hit the clear button on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you're ready to spin, hit the spin button to set the wheel in motion. The speed of spins is designed to imitate the real-life speed of a Roulette wheel.

If you're looking for a classy online gambling experience, this is the slot to go for. The elegant graphics and smooth soundtrack are guaranteed to impress, and the animated Roulette wheel appears very realistic. When the wheel comes to a stop, the dealer will announce the bet and any winnings will be paid out. While providing a familiar slot for table game fans, the game is packed with innovative features to offer an enhanced user experience across all devices. This will keep players engaged throughout the slot and keep them coming back for more.

Betting and Prizes

In Golden Chip Roulette, the wheel spins in opposite directions on alternate spins. Features such as the intuitive chip selection and slick stats screen provide an enhanced user experience and make the title a top-rated Roulette release. In addition to the classic roulette bets such as Split, Odds and Evens, Six Line, Corner, Column, Odd, Even, Low and High, Golden Chip Roulette offers the Golden Bet. This wager turns every number bet into a multiplier bet, resulting in payouts from 10x to 500x your total stake.

Slot Features

Like all great slots, Golden Chip Roulette comes with a host of innovative features. Some of our favourites include the Golden Chip Feature, Pinch Zoom, and the BOOST feature. Below, we explore these in more detail.

Golden Chip Feature

One of the biggest attractions of the slot is the Golden Chip feature. This can turn every chip placed as a straight wager into gold. Whenever you place a chip on a straight number, the chip will turn golden. While its value remains the same, the potential winnings are increased thanks to the RNG multipliers ranging between 10 and 500x your stake. The multiplier is determined by a spin of the inner wheel. The multiplier is then applied to any Straight bets placed during the game.

Pinch Zoom

Golden Chip Roulette is packed with innovative features to offer an enhanced user experience across all devices. One example of this is the Pinch Zoom feature. This allows you to place your bet with care and precision. If you're playing on a mobile device, this feature can prove invaluable – particularly if you're playing on a small screen. Instead of struggling to hit the right spot, players can use the pinch and zoom feature to zoom into the board and bet with precision.


Like other Yggdrasil titles, Golden Chip Roulette benefits from BOOST. This feature enables operators to offer various gamification tools. Options include tournaments, missions and prize drops designed to provide gamblers with a rewarding gaming experience. Of course, the options available will depend on your chosen operator.


Overall, Golden Chip Roulette is another awesome game from Yggdrasil. The classic nature of the game is ideal for table game fans, while the innovative features are ideal for slot gamers looking to try something new. The multiplier feature boosts the odds while giving the slot a unique touch. If you place your bet on a straight number and secure a win, your win will be multiplied up to 500 times. Golden Chip Roulette offers a classy gaming experience with great winning potential since the average RTP of table games is greater than slots. If you're looking for a traditional Roulette game with a twist, look no further than Golden Chip Roulette.