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Champions of Rome Slot

The Champions of Rome is ancient themed slot game created by Yggdrasil. That ancient era of Roman conquerors might seem lost forever but this game brings the legacy back. In the present generation, we see singers, actors and the likes as 'famous' people, but this was not so during 72AD in the ancient Roman Empire. Superstar status and fame went to the valiant gladiators who fought to death in the Colosseum to the cheer of the viewing crowd.

The game is situated within the confines of a Colosseum, with the cheering crowd visible in the backdrop. On either side are a couple of marble columns with the Roman Aquila eagle. The rising sun shines to illuminates the game’s reels. The game sound is heroic creating an air of suspense that can only be described as dramatic and the graphics are simply excellent.

Champions of Rome: How to Place a Bet

Place your bet with the least value of 20p per spin. The wager range can go as high as £100 which is the maximum bet amount. This game can be accessed on every modern device, Android and iOS inclusive.

Champions of Rome: Gameplay

The reels are home to four different coins and some wildlife like lions, bulls, and eagles. The game’s symbols still extend to include three gladiators. The one in red color offers the max win of two, six or even as much as 60 times your bet when you manage to get three, four or five on a single payline. A wild is also present with the usual duty of substituting for every regular symbol.

First on the list of bonus features is the Gladiator feature which gets activated only when you land a couple of Free Spin symbols on the game’s reels. One out of the three following weapons gets thrown at the reels offering you a total of four wilds. You have the sword which comes equipped with 1×2 and 2×1wild on the reels (this is the gladiator in red). The mace offers 2x2 wild on the game’s reels (the gladiator in green). The trident which comes with an award of four random wilds ( gladiator in blue).

Activate the Free Spin feature with three free spins or more. Three or five free spin symbols affords you 1, 15 or as much as 600x your wager. Yggdrasil created an automatic route to the Free Spin feature – this is achieved by making use of the Buy Bonus feature for which you will pay 50x your entire bet. Once the feature becomes active, you select your mode. A Gladiator symbol is randomly selected to substitute every high-value symbol and their weapon will be used per free spin to offer you a total of four wilds. Watch out for the Beast symbol during the free spins as each one of the then can get you an additional free spin.

You are offered eight free spins from the Training Mode where the reels automatically spin until you exhaust the free spins. If your choice is the Deathmatch Mode, then you will be exposed to three different modes within it. You make a choice from five free spins together with four times multiplier, six free spins equipped with three times multiplier and seven free spins with two times multiplier. 

Now your wins need to get to 45 coins in the least or 22.5 times your entire bet to secure your winnings. There is the danger of walking away with empty hands when you fail. Theoretically, it looks easy enough with the aid of 4 times multiplier. No matter the situation, the Training Mode guarantees your wins. There is a consolation prize available to take care of players who fail to meet the benchmark of 22.5x - a cash award ranging from two to ten times you bet or a total of five Training Mode free spins.

The main focus of Champions of Rome is the Free Spins feature and the max potential win which comes when the reels are suffused with the gladiator in red - a reward of 1,200x your bet awaits you. A replication of this in the Free Spin feature with four times multiplier can award a win of 4,800x your wager per free spin. Five free spin symbols can get you up to 600x your bet. Variance is mid to high so a lot of patience is required.

Champions of Rome: Game Buttons

The game buttons here are:

  • Spin Button – This sets the reels spinning manually.
  • Autospin – This sets the reels spinning automatically till you get to the desired number.
  • Max Bet Button – Your gaming budget is controlled by this button.
  • Coin value Button – This is used to either top or reduce your coin value.
  • Lines Button - Make a setting from the least bet amount to the max using this button.

Champions of Rome: Payouts

The paying symbols come in three sets. First on the line are the max payers depicted by the three hideous looking gladiators. For five on a payline, they dish out as much as 200 coins in payout. A trio of stone animal heads usually seen around the walls of the Colosseum occupies the middle ground. When you get five of them on a single payline, you get a reward of 120 coins. At the bottom of the value ladder, you will find some Roman coins offering a prize of 30 coins just for 5-of-a-kind. In addition to its normal duty of activating the Free Spin feature, the Free Spin symbols also come with an award of a coin prize. Get 20, 300, or a whopping 12,000 coins when you manage to land 3, 4 or even 5. The game providers Yggdrasil pegged the return to player rate at 96.4%.