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Valkyrie Slot

Through the Valkyrie slot machine game, Elk Studios is taking us on a journey to the center of Norse mythology known as Valhalla. Join the powerful Valkyries Helena, Gane, Freya, Tyrsa, and Andora as they pull their godly might together on this journey through the perfidious world of Midgard. Their potent powers will be unleashed on the 3 random features as well as bonus rounds to earn you massive wins.

The graphics are bold and the animations are executed in a stunning manner. The setting is the make-believe battlefield of Midgard. Thunderous clouds are clearly seen in the backdrop with the goddess of love Freya standing alert on the left ready to summon her mythical powers to aid you in creating wins. The signature tune is rather dramatic and can create an intense gaming session.

Valkyrie: How to Place a Bet

Valkyrie is a five reels slot machine with 1,024 ways to win. The wager range starts from 20p which is favorable for the low budget gamers as well as those who wish to spend as long as possible at the reels with several prudent stakes. Die-hard gamblers and high rollers whose gaming budget are big can leverage on the max bet of £100 for the possibility of hitting the max payout of 5,000x your wager. The game is playable on all modern devices such as mobiles, desktop, and tablets.

Valkyrie: Gameplay

The game is complete with wilds, free spins, as well as epic reel icons that rise up to 3x3 in magnitude. Volatility is on the high side with as much as three bonus features to leverage on.

The geographical setting is the battlefield of Midgard. You will join the Valkyries as you embark on an epic mission to fulfill your destiny. Most Elk Studios creations come with stunning visuals and Valkyrie is not an exception. The reels are populated by symbols like the playing cards A, K, Q, and J. Apart from Valkyries brandishing their weapons, you will see snakes, wolves as well as gauntlets. The game’s wild is depicted by the god Odin and has the capacity to substitute all symbols with the exception of the scatter.

The game is centered on the Valhalla Free Spin feature which gets played whenever three, four or five free spin symbols put in appearances concurrently at the execution of the base game. You will be rewarded with five, seven or as much as ten free spins in that order. The free spins can be infinite when you activate the feature again and again.

If the feature is triggered with three, four or five free spin icons, you will get an award of one, two, or three Bonus Spins. The game’s reels become illuminated with three to five bonus symbols on display. In turn, any of Freya’s three exciting bonus features will be activated. These bonus features are the Shield of Chance feature, the Arrow of Fortune feature and the Sword of Destiny feature. Your chances of forming great wins will increase as your bonus symbols increase. This is explained further below.

  • The Shield of Chance feature – In order to channel the power of Odin, Freya lifts her shield up in the air. Then the reels become illuminated with several wild shields pouring down on the game’s reels. Massive payouts are possible when every sticking shield turns to wild.
  • The Sword of Destiny feature – Freya lifts her sword in the air to wield its potent power. Some swords that are magically charged will fly across the three central reels and any reel which a sword strikes will be transformed into a wild reel. Three wild reels are available for you to leverage on.

  • The Arrow of Fortune feature – Freya lifts her bow into the air aiming at the heavens of Asgard. Up to three arrows are released which land to expose epic icons that come in sizes of 2x2. 2x3 or 3x3 and thus your chances of creating wins are dramatically increased.

It is possible to activate any of Freya’s features. You will bag three Bonus Spins if you happen to reach 10 free spins in the Valhalla Free Spins feature. Out of the aforementioned three, The Sword of Destiny feature happens to be the best because it can possibly lead you to three fully wild reels. The game has high volatility with a max win of 5,000x your bet per spin/free spin.

Valkyrie: Game Buttons

The game buttons to expect here are:

  • Spin Button – Sets the reels into motion manually.
  • Autospin – Sets the reels into motion automatically till a preset number is reached.
  • Bet Button – It has two arrows up and down, click on the up arrow to top your bet and the down one to reduce it.
  • Menu Button – Displays information on the gameplay and paytables

Valkyrie: Payouts

The ones you wouldn’t like to see often in this Elk Studios slot machine are the playing cards because they wouldn’t even return your bet amount to you. Occupying the middle ground is the ax, the wolves, the snakes as well as a golden gauntlet, but they are not worth much. You only get 1.25 times, 1.50 times, 1.75 times or 2.00 times when you land five of a kind. The slot features a quartet of max paying symbols which still do not offer much. You will see Valkyries - Gane, Helena, Andora, and Tyrsa offering payouts of up to 0.25x to 4 times your bet for getting a total of five across the five reels.

It is important to note that Valkyrie slot machine does not offer much in terms of payouts till the bonus features are activated. Return to player rate is rather generous at 96.30. The max payout possible here is up to 5,000x your wager.