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Ultimate Super Reels Slot

The Ultimate Super Reels slot game from iSoftBet is great for gamers who are on the look-out for a more traditional slot game, reminiscent of an old-styled fruit machine but with a contemporary twist. The theme is obviously modern but you will find the elements of the classic slots embedded on the reels. As the name of the game suggests, it revolves around the reels “Ultimate Power in order to create lucrative wins. isoftBet designed the slot machine as a simulation of the physical casino experience, highlighted by the background sound which is very calming as well as the playing interface with a bold outlook.

The symbols that populate the reels include; The Ultimate Super Reels logo, 2 or 3 BAR stripes as well as the traditional lucky 7s, all of them in bright colors with dazzling appearances which may appear a bit too much for some gamers. On closer inspection, you will be able to decipher the uniqueness of Ultimate Super Reels; although it has three reels on display, two additional reels are available but remain inactive until you increase the betting range to 10 or 15 coins. The multipliers and the progressive jackpots are at your disposal.

Ultimate Super Reels: How to place a bet

The game is accessible on your mobile as well as the computer; the betting range is between €0.05 t0 €37.5. iSoftBet made this game to look like a three in one slot machine, a betting range of 1 to 9 coins offers you a 3-reel game without the advantage of a jackpot. The fourth reel will come to play when you increase your bet line to 10 and the fifth reel gets activated with a betting line of 15 coins - this also offers you the opportunity to play the multipliers, the respins as well as the jackpot.

Ultimate Super Reels: Gameplay

In the actual fact, this slot game can be fragmented into three different games with each awarding prizes individually. Essentially, a player exercises the right to make a choice of how many reels he or she wants to activate at any given time. The initial three reels are constantly at your disposal; however, the fourth reel gets activated immediately you increase your bet per line to 10. In the same vein, when the max bet of 15 coins is paid, the fifth reel will be activated and this will also go to unlock multipliers arming a player with the chance opportunity of grabbing a progressive jackpot.

The slot is straight and simple, the scatter and wild symbols are conspicuously absent but the game providers iSoftBet have made some level of compensation with other features that are equally rewarding. We get to see the multipliers as well as the re-spins with remarkable potentials for big wins. The progressive jackpot is the big draw, hit this when you land 3 Ultimate Super Reel logo symbols on a payline that is active, matched with an instant 1,000 coins win together with a ten times multiplier - this can be accessed on the fifth reel.  Nevertheless, a player should bear in mind that in order to qualify for one, your staking amount needs to be the available maximum possible bet. In conclusion, the maximum payout possible without the last two reels is pegged at 4,000 coins.

Triggering the fourth reel earns you some additional coins. As they pop-up on the reels, the symbols will give you a preview of your wins and the payouts have a range of 50 to 1,000 coins. Once you manage to land any of the symbols on a payline that is active, the amount on display will be yours. On the other hand, the fifth reel offers a couple of distinct kinds of rewards, first on the line is the re-spin symbol with as much as 5 free spins. When you land extra re-spin icons in this round, the feature can be retriggered and the free games you can possibly get come without limitations. Another big reward on the fifth reel come in the form of the multipliers with two times to 10 times your win on offer.

Ultimate Super Reels: Game buttons

The slot controls are equipped with a few buttons like;

-       The Bet Button - it has up and down arrows, go up to increase and down to decrease your stake

-       The Spin Button - Sets the reels in motion

-       The Plus and Minus Button - This alters your bet line

-       The Max Bet Button - controls your gaming budget.

-       The Autospin Button - This sets the reels spinning till a pre-set number is reached

-       The stop Button - This stops the auto spin

Ultimate Super Reels: Payouts

In this game slot, your betting line is a determinant of your wins from different symbols. The ultimate Super Reels logo is the symbol with the max payout. If your bet line is within one to nine, it pays 400 times but when it is 19 to 15, it pays out a whopping 4000 times your bet all for three symbols. Next in line is the lucky 7s for 3 symbols, it pays 250 times your bet when your bet line is one to nine and 2,500 when it is 10 to 15.

Other symbols on display are the single 7, for 5 symbols, it pays 200 times or 2,000 times your bet. The flaming 7 offers 100 times or 1,000 times your stake while the red 7 gives a payout of 80 times or 800 times your stake all for five symbols. The lower wins when on one to nine coin range from 3 times to 70 times your stake but 10 to 15 coins offers 3 times to 700 times your stake just for three symbols.