Sweet Bonanza

The Sweet Bonanza game by Pragmatic Play has an array of lollipops, sugary temptations as well as fruity surprises. These have been set against the backdrop of a sweet dream view with a plethora of delicious looking candies alongside a clear blue sky which serves as an ideal environment for the game window that comes in semi-translucent form. The reels are frameless but suspended by lollipops in red and white color with the pleasure-inspiring gameplay completed by a tranquil signature tune which becomes more dramatic as you get to the big wins.

Every item on the reels seems to have escaped from one of the best confectionary superstores – a veritable feast set before your eyes. The animations are top of the range and so is the graphics. The chocolate hills, meringue clouds and milk rivers are completely delectable; besides, this beautiful sugary overload is completed by yummy candies and fruits that come tumbling down on the reels.

How to Place a Bet

Satisfy your sweet tooth on the reels of Sweet Bonanza powered by the veteran gamers Pragmatic Play. It is an All Ways slot game featuring a total of six reels, playable on every modern device for a range of wager that goes from 20p to £125 with variations in between as explained in the gameplay.


Once you load the Sweet Bonanza slot game, you need to decide which way to place your bet since there are two options, 20 or 25 coins for a spin. The 20 coins option ranges from 20p to £100 for a single spin; you will be presented with the option to purchase the feature for 100x your wager. The 25 coins option ranges from 25p to £125 for a spin; you will be denied the chance to purchase the feature. However, additional scatter symbols will be included which naturally doubles your likelihood of activating the bonus rounds. This is called the Ante Bet feature.

The Sweet Bonanza slot machine can best be described as a blast of beautiful colors. A world completely made up of delicious-looking candies with cakes in the backdrop. On the reels are sweetie and fruity symbols like grapes, banana, plums, melon, and apples. The purple, blue and green sweets are the high-value symbols but the red heart sits at the top of the value ladder – get 8x your bet for landing eight or nine on any position on the reels. 20x you wager comes with 10 or 11 while 12 and above earns you 40x your wager.

Once a combo hit is achieved, a tumble comes to play after the Tumble feature is activated. The symbols that formed the winning combo leave the screen to be replaced by new ones which drop in. The tumble is a continuous process provided you keep forming new winning combos.

If you happen to get four, five, or six lollipop scatters per spin, the Free Spin feature will be triggered – then you will be rewarded with 2, 4 or 80x your wager in addition to free spins which will be 10 in number. The candy crush bomb icon comes to play here, equipped with multipliers capable of enhancing your tumbling reward by 2 times to 100 times. Get an additional five free spin by landing three scatters per free spin.

Pragmatic Play did well with the design; however, Sweet Bonanza is a straightforward game. The tumbling reels oil the wheels of the action while the multipliers act as your right hand during the Free Spin feature. Mid to high variance with max win potential pegged at 21,100x your wager in the feature coupled with potential multipliers up to 100 times.

Play Buttons

The game buttons in function here include;

● Spin Button – Spins the reels manually.

● Autospin - Spins the reels automatically till you get to a preset number.

● Win Button – Depicts your total win.

● Credits Button - Displays the current amount of credits in your balance.

● Bet Button – Has two arrows up and down, increase your bet with the up arrow and decrease it with the down one.

● Info Button – Displays the paytables.

● Audio Button - Adjust the game sound.


The mouthwatering looking banana depicts the least paying icon with 2 times your bet for more than 12 on any position on the reels, followed by grapes with 4 times for the same combo. For similar combination, the melon pays 5 times, the plum 8 times, you get 10 times from the apple, 12 times from the candy in blue, 15 times from the candy in green, 25 times from the candy in purple and 50 times from red heart. At the peak of the value ladder sits lollipop scatter offering 100 times when you land more than six on any position on the reels. The max win potential is a whopping 21,100x your bet in the bonus. Variance is mid to high with RTP set between 96.51 to 96.52%.