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Steam Tower Slot

Come and play Steam Tower NetEnt online game which is great even for first-time players. This game is easy to play, and easy to make great winnings.

Steam Tower is a slot game by NetEnt that interestingly puts up on a rescue mission. Its theme design is centered on the 19th-century Victorian era. The entire look and feel of the design and mechanism of the games clearly portray the era with its industrial outlook.

Steam Tower NetEnt video slot features five (5) reels and fifteen (15) pay lines. Any given player’s mission in Steam Tower is to climb all the way to the top of the tower to rescue the princess from a deadly dragon.

Overall the game offers an industrial theme and impressive graphic design and multiple-level changeless that keep the player going on and on.

Steam Tower: How to place a bet:

Here are a few things you must know and understand before you embark on this betting mission. First, as a betting player, you will have to adjust your bets by simply clicking on -/+ sign which is actually the "bet level". The idea here is to modify the number of coins thrown in by a player as bet stake. A betting player will also have to adjust the coin size.

Now to initiate the betting properly, you will have to click on the spin button. Another betting option available to a betting player is the “Max Bet” this option is also based on spinning the wheel but this time the stakes are higher thereby offer a player a chance to make a big win.

As time goes on you will notice that most of the major winnings are generated from the Free Spins. With this feature in the game winning becomes quite frequent and amazingly with moderate amounts. The records have it that a whopping 2,000 times of a given bet can actually be won, but the player will definitely need stacked wilds on every reel to make the big win a reality.

Steam Tower: Gameplay

To play the Steam Tower NetEnt, you can start with as little as 15p for each spin you take-on, or you pay as much as £150 still for a spin. You stand better chances of paying with £150. A good player will always look out for the wild stacked. What this does is to trigger the free spin feature. This is what every Steam Tower NetEnt player should watch out for at times during the game. A player stands an excellent chance to climb up faster if the more stacks of wild are discovered this feature will give you extra spins as the continues to move up to the floor level.

It is quite possible to get the very top of the floor which is the 16th floor. And this undoubtedly will attract a cash reward of about one thousand (1,000) coins. At this stage you will get 2x multiplier from floor one (1) to floor three (3), from floor four (4) to floor six (6) you will get the 3x multiplier. From floor seven (7) to floor nine (9) you will get the 4x multiplier. From floor ten (10) to floor twelve (12) will get the 6x multiplier. From floor thirteen (13) to floor fifteen (15) will get the 7x multiplier. This will launch you to the top of the tower.

Steam Tower: Game buttons

The following game buttons are available throughout the game.

  • Bet Level -/+: When you click on this button, it helps you to modify
  • Coin Value-/+: When you click on this button, it will help you adjust the size of your coins, this size range from 0.01 to0.1.
  • Max Bet: This button will enable you to carry out bigger bets. And also creates an opportunity to win big too.
  • Spin Button: This button initiates every single play either for fun play or a straight betting game. When you click on this button a game has been activated.
  • AutoPlay: This button activates multiple spins. Most players click on this button when they don't want their game to be interrupted.

Steam Tower: Payouts

The only criteria required to get a payout if you land three of the same symbols running from the left side towards the right-hand side across a pay line. Some players even make bigger winnings that go up to the range of 2,000 coins.