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Reel Rush

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Reel Rush is one of the most popular and colourful games going on NetBet Casino. NetEnt has a superb track record of delivering great slot games and they’ve produced one of the best looking in Reel Rush. As good as the aesthetics in Reel Rush are; the number of winning options is almost unrivalled. There are between 45 and 3125 different ways of winning in the game, which is sure to keep you fixed and become a total winner.

About Reel Rush

Produced by NetEnt, Reel Rush has a unique interface and background scenario. The slot features five reels and 3125 ways to win when the free spins are enabled, however even without them; there are still plenty of other ways to succeed. There are many similarities between Reel Rush and Nintendo’s Mario World, which was so popular in the 1990s, none more so than the interface and the soundtrack to the game. The music increases in speed as you progress through the game and start to make more combinations and win more. The symbols are all fruit and sweet related, with the lower value symbols represented by the smaller symbols, while the higher value symbols are the same colour, but bigger, purple, green, yellow, orange and red.

How to play

Before playing Reel Rush, you first need to set up the game and adjust the bet levels to your liking. The “Level” buttons alter the bet level and the coin value. The level button can be set, with the lowest level at 1 and the highest at 10. As you increase the level, the value of the bet will change. The coin value can also be changed as well. The default option is set at 0.02; however the lowest available is 0.01. It can then be increased up to a maximum of 0.20. If you’re a high roller, then there is no need to keep clicking on the options as there is a “Max Bet” button. This allows you start the game at the highest bet level and the current coin value. To start the reels, press the “Spin” button, which is located at the bottom of the interface, while there is also and “Autoplay” feature, where you can set the game to play for an uninterrupted period of time.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is very easy to identify in Reel Rush, it is in fact a brown bar symbol which says Wild on it. The wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the main game, as well as in the Free Spins bonus game. It can be substituted for all other symbols.

Bonus Features

Free Spins

Reel Rush almost plays as one big bonus game and when you start the game, you’ll realise there are only 13 visible symbols on the reels, while the rest are marked with an “R”. As you start, you’ll see that with each win, two of the “R” symbols will disappear. Each consecutive win will scratch two more away, increasing the chances of a win on the next spin. With each consecutive win, you’ll notice a row of six stars above the reels will fill up. Once you get to the sixth one, the screen will be cleared of R’s and you’ll win eight free spins.