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Raging Rex Slot

With the Raging Rex slot game, the game providers Play ‘N Go has decided to take us back to the era of the dinosaurs. Ever heard the tale of the Cretaceous Period? It is an era that existed 66 million years ago when the mighty dinosaurs still roamed the earth. It all came to an abrupt end when a certain extinction event (which may have come in the form of a massive meteor strike) wiped out three-quarters of all living things on planet earth. This 6 reels slot game transports you back to that era, with a total of 4096 ways to win.

The reels of this slot machine are situated on the backdrop of the jungles of that distant era. Your expedition takes off from the moment the game is loaded. It will take you on a voyage into a typical jungle from that era suffused with different plants and giant trees. A waterfall can be seen in the background with its water making a thunderous sound as it rushes down a steep hill. The graphics are detailed and advanced and the genre is adventure loaded with enough suspense and surprising discoveries. The animations and soundtracks are the types that will take you back in time to when the gigantic beasts still walked the earth.

Netbet Raging Rex: How to Place a Bet

Place your bet on mobile, desktop and tablet with 10p minimum at the lower end. The wager range can go as high as £/100, which affords both the casual player and the high limit player the opportunity to enjoy an all-round gaming experience.

Netbet Raging Rex: Gameplay

Raging Rex is situated inside a dense forest with fearsome dinosaurs and monsters. On the reels, you will find the lost world of the prehistoric dinosaurs with several insects and reptiles. There are many fossilized insects, a dragonfly, tiny critters, a poisonous scorpion, a mosquito, an uncommon species of beetle, a slinky lizard and a scary spider. More notable among the symbols are a quartet of dinosaurs, you will get to see the triceratops, velociraptor, parasaurolophus as well as the dilophosaurus. The wild is depicted by the T-Rex and can substitute for every other symbol with the exception of the scatter.      

Talking about the bonus features, you will definitely not be disappointed with this Play ‘N Go creation. Anytime the Raging Rex wild symbol makes an appearance fully on any of the game’s reels; it goes to activate the Rampage feature. The Raging Rex wild reel will immediately change position to the first reel and a couple of re-spins will be your reward. With each re-spin, the wild reel shifts one reel in the right direction.   

Look out for the Raging Spins feature because that is the main attraction. It plays out whenever you have three, four, five or six meteor scatters appearing. You will be awarded five times your wager in addition to free spins from 8, 15, 20 and 30 respectively. More free spins will be yours when you get a couple of scatters or more at the execution of a free spin. The available free spins are just unlimited. It is more important to make your choice from the Wild Hunt feature or even the Primal Rage feature. Here you will encounter a Raging Rex wild reel putting in an appearance at the execution of every free spin. On the other hand, extra Rex wild is what you will encounter in the Wild Hunt feature. They will be combined with 2x or 3x multipliers that can have a far-reaching effect when combined.

The visuals of Raging Rex have been described as stunning. Gamers who are familiar with Play ‘N Go slot games will surely be expecting volatility on the high side, and Raging Rex is not different from the rest. It comes with a mouth-watering offer of wins as high as 5,000 times your bet per spin, free spins or even re-spins.

Netbet Raging Rex: Game Buttons

The game buttons here include;

  • Spin Button- This sets the reels into motion manually.
  • Autospin – Sets the reels into motion automatically till a preset number is reached.
  • Bet Button - It has two arrows up and down, click on the up arrow to top your bet and the down one to reduce it.
  • Information Button - This button reveals the pay tables
  • Plus and Minus Button - After selecting from numbers one to ten set your selected number with this button.

Netbet Raging Rex: Payout

Raging Rex slot game is an entertaining game with variance on the high side, promising a bit more than what it usually delivers. Still, this does not mean that the spins are not fun-filled. Due to the inherent 4096 ways to win, achieving that big payday of 5,000x your wager seems almost impossible. In fact, you must catch enough scatters, to earn enough free spins. Then you must gather enough wilds, together with enough multipliers. Hmm, this sounds tough!

In the setting of the foliage of a gone era, you will see some insects trapped in amber. These insects represent the low-value symbols and the ones with the high values are the familiar dinosaurs. Return to player rate is pegged at 96% and the prize achievable for a single six of a kind goes from 2 to 7.5x your bet. Go ahead and see how many prehistoric wins you can unleash in this slot machine as you enjoy all that it has to offer.