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Mini Baccarat

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, and is ideal for those who do not want to memorize thousands of rules. Baccarat, for that matter, is suitable for players of all skill levels and is a straightforward game in which the player bets on one of the three available bets: player, banker or draw. In baccarat, players also have the option to bet on either the player or the banker.

Mini Baccarat is also played in accordance to the same rules as the standard Baccarat, with the exception that the croupier turns the cards over so that the game goes much faster. The odds are the same as at the big table with the same number of card decks. Mini Baccarat is sometimes played with six games in the card slide, which changes the odds a bit. It can mostly be found in the main areas of the casinos.

The goal in the Mini Baccarat game by Play 'n' Go is to get as close to the game's highest hand as possible, which is the Nine. Generally speaking, what makes the game great is that everyone can play it and you do not have to have lots of money. However, to play the Mini Baccarat game successfully, the player should above all use a betting system, keep an eye on its bankroll and know that they do not have to bet every round. The game itself is as volatile as a coin toss, which makes it an exhilarating game, but also hard to apply an optimal strategy. The winner is the person who eventually wins the hand closer to Nine. After the players have bet, the rest of the game is beyond your control.

Mini Baccarat: placing a bet

The game begins with the player placing a bet. player will need to place the bets in the appropriate betting box on the table before the dealer deals the cards to the players. All bets must conform to the table limits and players will have to decide before they see the cards. Overall, there are only three bets to consider in the game, with no option for a further or additional side bet.

To place a bet, a player will first need to click on the desired chip. Once done, they will then click the game table in the location they wish to place the chip. The chip will then be added to their total bet. To remove a bet, the player must select the 'X' chip and then click the chip they wish to remove.

Mini Baccarat: gameplay

The Mini Baccarat game by Play 'n' Go is played with six decks. The game begins with the player and the dealer being dealt two initial cards and one optional card. Tens and face cards will count as 0. Ace cards will count as 1, while other cards will score according to their face values.

 A bet can then be placed on the dealer, or the player, or a tie. Cards are re-shuffled after each round. Players bet on whether the banker's or player's hand wins or draws. Once the bets are placed, players can only watch the game unfold.

The dealer assigns two cards to the playing field and two cards to the banker field. The dealer rates both hands in accordance with the rules of the Baccarat game, including the distribution of additional cards.

The dealer announces which hand or bet has won.

Mini Baccarat: game buttons

Deal - This button starts the round once a bet has been placed.

Rebet - This button places the same initial bet as in the previous round.

Clear All - This button clears all bets placed on the table.

Chip - This button selects the chip the player wants to bet on.

"X" Chip - The player needs to click the "X" chip on any placed chip to remove their bet.

Mini Baccarat: payouts

The score of the player and the banker are compared; the winner is the one with the higher score.  The player bet RTP is 98,76%. The banker bet RTP is 98,94%. The tie bet RTP is 85,56%.

The following payouts apply:

  • Banker bets are paid out 1: 1 minus a 5% commission payable to the house.
  • Bets on the player win 1: 1
  • Tie bets usually win 8: 1. In most cases, the stakes are returned in case of equality of points.
  • In winning bets on the banker, the player gets even money.