Koi Princess

Lovers of Japanese Manga and Anime need to celebrate the Koi Princess hame, the latest release from slot game developers NetEnt. The game providers have definitely pulled all the necessary stops with this new game. Prominent among the features of Koi princess is this confident cute wide-eyed girl with beautiful long legs on display-probably to attract the attention of certain fans. This wide-eyed beauty takes her position next to the reels and makes a variety of sounds indicating her pleasure or displeasure as you either win or lose a bet.

To further explain the intricacies of the game, Koi Princess features a total of 20 paylines coupled with multiple bonus features for potential players to enjoy on the slot. It is played on five reels with bets that are very affordable and presents an amazing game jackpot of 5000 coins. This stimulating new slot game has oriental themes complicated by stunning graphics on offer, it also offers animations and some great sound effects. With its extra four bonus, random wild feature and big payouts, Koi Princess is gradually stealing the hearts of game enthusiasts all over the world.

Koi Princess: How to place a bet

The game starts when you have succeeded in selecting an amount to place on the bet as well as the number of paylines to be covered. Koi Princess from NetEnt offers as low as £0.20 per spin and as high as £200 to its player which makes the game a good choice for the player and potential players whose casino budgets come with different sizes.

Koi Princess Video Slot has its bet limit; it offers a choice of bet level ranging from one to ten with each of the levels representing 20 coins. Its coin value ranges from € 0.01 up to € 1.00. The calculations for both the maximum and minimum bet for each video slot round is calculated as;

Minimum bet: bet level 1 x 20 coins = 20 coins x coin value € 0.01 = € 0.20

Maximum bet: bet level 10 x 20 coins = 200 coins x coin value € 1.00 = € 200

Koi Princess: Gameplay

Koi Princes comes complete with several different features, some of which you may have encountered before in some other slot games though it sports some unique features that make the game a standout. The unique feature at the top of the list is the Random Feature which serves as a trigger for their bonus game; it also affords active players the opportunity to control the bonus game they have chosen to play. Koi Princess offers four different bonus games with each one of them sporting their own special win. Each offers just a single spin and some form of a guaranteed win.

In addition to the Random Feature, there is another bonus game on offer, and to get to it, you need to first of all access three bonus symbols, but it is compulsory that they be on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. A nudge feature exists which has the job of helping you out if you happen to get only 2 out of the three necessary bonus symbols, though there is no guarantee with the nudge feature. This particular bonus feature affords you the chance of getting Free Spins as well as a coin bonus; it also offers you a 3-tiered bonus wheel.

The most tempting feature on Koi Princess is the jackpot, but players are only eligible to win it when they succeed to the 3rd level of the bonus wheels. If you are fortunate enough to land on the Jackpot Coin Win, you will be qualified to at getting twenty-five time of your initial bet, but this is not all, the maximum you can get on the game is a thousand time your initial wager. Having explored all these special features both unique and common, one can easily understand why Koi Princess is going to be at the top of the list of the most popular games. This special game from NetEnt will definitely bring anyone who has had the good fortune to experience it back to the slot for a second experience.

Koi Princess: Game buttons

Just like all NetEnt video slot, the Koi Princess game comes with the normal control buttons, the games normal play buttons are as follows:

  • Level - This has the job of setting the bet level.
  • Autoplay - This button is for automatic spins.
  • Max bet -This button is for an automatic wager on the highest bet level.
  • Con value - This button has the responsibility of setting the value for each coin wagered per spin.

Koi Princess: Payouts

The payout percentage for the game is 96% without the bonus bet activated. When activated it is increased to 96.23%.