European Football Roulette

European Football Roulette

No casino game is more instantly recognisable than the iconic red-and-black wheel of roulette. European Football Roulette is an online variant from top provider Playtech, and today we’re going to find out everything there is to know about this title.

Where Does Roulette Come From?

The game was first created by French mathematician Blaise Pascal who was attempting to create a perpetual motion machine: the end result was a ‘roulette’ - a ‘little wheel’ - that could spin and spin super fast and smoothly. Eventually, of course, the wheel does stop spinning, but it makes for a great spectacle, and lends itself well to the fast-paced gambling world.

Online roulette is a very popular attraction on the NetBet Casino site, and we’re always adding new titles to our library to keep you entertained. Today we’re looking at Playtech’s thoroughly original European Football Roulette, which combines the beautiful game with the iconic casino game.

How to Play European Football Roulette

Calling all football fans! Head to the stadium and place your bets to enjoy this original take on roulette. Like all roulette titles, you can place all kinds of bets, from Straight Up Bets (on a single number, perfect for beginners) to Corner and Street Bets, to name a few. Then simply hit the spin button to see where the ball lands.

This game is based on European Roulette, which means that it has the numbers 1-36 and a single zero on the wheel.

Unlike football, this is a game of pure chance and there are no tactics you can apply. Just spin and see what happens - you might just win big!

European Football Roulette Features

This game is fairly self-explanatory, and there aren’t many features to mention, besides incredible graphics and an original theme, but we’re not complaining - and you won’t either once you start spinning that wheel!

Play European Football Roulette on Mobile

This game, like every Playtech title, is fully mobile compatible, so you can play on your smartphone or tablet, or move seamlessly between portable and fixed devices. You’ll get the same high-quality, immersive gaming experience wherever you’re playing from.

European Football Roulette Free Play

Want to try out this game but not quite ready to make a deposit? You can play for free here at NetBet Casino. You can preview the kinds of pay-outs and features available on any game that catches your eye, without spending a penny. Keep in mind that any wins you scoop in demo mode won’t count - you’ll need to play for real to enjoy this.

Responsible Gambling Leaders

NetBet Casino puts player safety over all else. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art Responsible Gambling tools and support, ensuring every player is betting what they can afford and is engaging with our products in a healthy way. Get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team for more information.

Explore a huge collection of roulette games from the best providers in the business here at NetBet Casino. We’re always adding new titles like European Football Roulette, so keep an eye on our New Games section. Enjoy!