Caribbean Stud Professional Series

Caribbean Stud Professional Series

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Caribbean Stud Professional Series

Caribbean Stud Poker by NetEnt is a fun game to play. If you know the basics of Five-Card Stud, you'll find it easy to play. It is most important for players to remember that they will be playing against the dealer here and not against other players. This means players do not have to worry about other players' strategy and can rather focus on playing their game. This makes the game a great way to win money.

As this is an action-packed game where you have to make decisions continually, players will need to focus and cannot sit back and relax.

Caribbean Stud Professional Series: placing a bet

The game will be played with a 52-card deck that is exchanged for a newly mixed deck after each hand. The player must first place a bet; this is called the ante. The Caribbean Stud Ante is a compulsory use for this game, so any player that wants to play Caribbean Stud Poker, will have to bet the Ante. In addition to this, a player can also place a bet on what is called a progressive jackpot.

When placing bets, players are also able to see the coin values for each bet placed. The values may not necessarily be displayed in the player’s currency. However, any amount won will be converted to the currency in which the player is playing in and will be added to their account.

Caribbean Stud Professional Series: gameplay

The goal of the Caribbean Stud Poker game by NetEnt is to first beat the dealer by getting a poker hand which is stronger than the dealers. After placing an ante bet, then five cards are dealt. The dealer then gets five cards. The player sees his cards immediately. However, only one card of the dealer is dealt face up; the other four are face down. If you then decide that you want to place another bet or pass, the dealer then reveals his remaining four cards. And the poker hand that has the highest value wins.

The player must decide to stay in or fold. If they choose to fold they forfeit both the ante and the progressive Jackpot bet. However, if they decide to stay in, they must add to their bet double the amount of the ante. If the dealer shows to have at least Ace and King, a comparison is then made between the dealer's hand and the player's hand and the results will be determined.

Caribbean Stud Professional Series: game buttons

- Audio. Turns all sounds on or off.

- Sound effects. Turns all sound effects played for events on or off.

- Fast play. Allows the player to turn fast play presentation on or off.

- Progressive bet. Allows the player to turn progressive betting on or off.

- Game history. Allows the player to view their latest game history

Caribbean Stud Professional Series: payouts

The player wins if:

- The dealer fails to reveal at least an Ace and King. The player then automatically wins the even money on the ante. The additional bet is then returned.

- If the player shows to have the higher hand, they win even money on the ante and the additional bet.

The player loses if:

- If the dealer's hand beats the player's hand, the player loses both the ante and raise.

A 'Push' occurs if:

- If the results are a 'Push', in which the player and dealer have hands of the same value, both the ante and the raise are returned back to the player

When a player wins, it means they have beaten the dealer and they will be given even money on their ante. The full jackpot will only be awarded to the player who has a Royal Flush. However, should the player have a Straight Flush, or any other result, the following payouts apply:

Royal Flush: payout is 100:1

Straight Flush: payout is 50:1

Four of a Kind: payout is 20:1

Full House: payout is 7:1

Flush: payout is 5:1

Straight: payout is 4:1

Three of a Kind: payout is 3:1

Two Pair: payout is 2:1

One pair or less: payout is 1:1

Players also have the option to take part in a Progressive Jackpot game where the amount is paid out progressively when a jackpot is won. If they choose this option, the above payouts also apply, with the amount being paid out progressively.