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Bai She Zhuan Slot

Bai She Zhuan is a slot game by Pariplay which is about the Legend of the White Snake. This adventure is sure to lead you on a mystical journey back into the space and time of the Ming Dynasty era. This is a story about a young boy called Xu Xian. One day, unknowingly he discards the immortality pills into a lake. History has it that there is where the White Snake lives and she consumes the pills, before a nearby turtle can. So many years later, the White Snake transforms herself into human form and decides all by herself to adopt the name Bai Suzhen.

Eventually, she meets Xu Xian, they got on well, fell in love with each other and finally got married to each other they fall in love and marry. Over the years, the turtle had become jealous and decides to use the magical arts of Daoist, this is to help him transforms into a Buddhist Monk with the name Fa Hai. The major aim is to seek revenge against Bai Suzhen.

Bai She Zhuan is quite an interesting game to play anytime, any day. The Bai She Zhuan game is centered about the great Chinese culture and heritage. So, if you are fascinated about the rich myths and legendary then you can be sure you're in for a good time with Pariplay’s Bai She Zhuan game.

Bai She Zhuan is a spin game that avails a given player a fair opportunity to make great winnings. This game you will have to spin in-between frozen status of two mystical fighters in the game. With consecutive red or blue winning.  

When you win consecutively with either Red or Blue, it fuels your effort to break free. Lots of blue winnings will prompt Bai Suzhen to reward you with a couple of free-spins. On the other hand, red winnings will help you see Fa Hai escape. This activates an opportunity for you to play a Bonus Round.

Bai She Zhuan: How to Place a Bet:

To play the Bai She Zhuan game by Fariplay, you have to first place a bet. The steps of placing a bet are quite easy to understand.

These are the easy steps to take if you want to place a bet.

All you have to do to play around, first, you will have to configure your bet. You do this by using the 'Bet' button.

When you take a second click on the ‘Spacebar’ it will automatically fast-forward the round to the round results. In a situation where the case of multiple lines winning, you have an option to click on the auto bet icon located above the 'SPIN' button. Another option is to click on the settings button located on the bottom right corner and then on the auto bet tab.

If you want to activate a limit, click on the relevant checkbox and enter a numeric value on the right side and click on the ‘START’ button on the bottom left corner. To exit the auto bet click the ‘RETURN’ button on the bottom right corner.

Bai She Zhuan: Gameplay

Pariplay’s Bai She Zhuan is an online slot which features 5 reels, and 25 lines of thrills and unending excitement. The two interesting characters are Bai Suzhen (the lady) and of course Fa Hai (a monk)-they are both imprisoned, so, the players will desperately chip their way into greater rewards as they continue in their quest to achieve freedom.

Bai She Zhuan will plunge you into an epic gameplay experience. This game is designed to engross players with highly rewarding bonus features that gets unlocked if you achieve optimal symbol combinations. This will actualize your aim here which is to help Bai Suzhen and Fa Hai to escape the concrete prison.

Bai She Zhuan: Game Buttons

The Bai She Zhuan consists of a lot of buttons and they are as follows:

  • Spin: Starts a fresh round
  • Stop: Stops the reel
  • Skip: Skips the win animation
  • Bet+/-: Increase or reduce the bet amount.
  • Win: Displays the current win amount and currency.
  • Balance: Displays the player's current balance
  • Home: Directs the player to the website’s URL (optional)
  • Cashier: Directs the player to the cashier or the “My Account Page”.

Bai She Zhuan: Payouts

This segment consists of some rules and features: They are as follows:

Free Games (free spin features) these are the kind of games that are actually played at the same betting amount just like the round that started the Free Game.